copd treatment“Before pulmonary therapy I could not do even the simplest of activities. Taking a bath, walking, and working around the house were difficult because I was always short of breath. Since starting therapy, I have learned to breathe the right way and I can now walk and move around better. I am no longer scared to drive or go places. My family and friends are pleased with my progress and recognize that I am more active. My advice for anyone with shortness of breath is to come and try it for yourself. I love it, what a difference my life has become!”

Margery, Darnell. Cleveland, TX


“I was very active prior to my heart attack and COPD diagnosis. I then became short of breath and could not walk foNancy Wallace formatr more than 30 minutes. At that time I became very sedentary, the sofa and books were my best friends.Once I found the Breathing Center my life began to change. I am now stronger and have endurance to do the things I love: I am shopping for longer periods, Caring for my husband is easier, and I can even work in the yard again! My daughters are very excited about my progress and are calling me again to go out for a girl’s day of shopping. The Breathing Center has given me a positive outlook for my future. I could not have made it without the dedication and focus they gave me during each therapy session. Each staff member knew me and was genuinely excited for my progress. I can honestly say they are like family to me.”                                                             Nancy Wallace. The Woodlands, TX


copd treatment“In June 2014 I was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital with what appeared a “C-Diff” infection. It turned out to be much worse; I required immediate surgery with a collapsed lung. After the surgery, during a Tracheostomy procedure, one of my lungs was punctured. I was diagnosed with “Acute Respiratory Stress Disorder.” I spent over four months in the hospital and for a while doctors were not hopeful of my recovery. Thus, I thought my life was over — I WAS WRONG— ….Eight months ago my life began to change and my health improved! I remember the day vividly, coming into The Breathing Center with a walker, barely weighing 92 lbs, and feeling hopeless. Yet, right away I was encouraged by the wonderful therapists. They helped me believe that I was going to get better and that YES, I COULD!! The Breathing Center of Houston was instrumental in my recovery, energy level, and self-confidence. I now am back to a healthy weight of 130 lbs. I can bike longer, walk longer, and breathe better. My family says I am another person! My husband claims I am even happier at the end of each session of therapy! In addition, my pulmonary doctor is so impressed with my recovery that he has asked I take a trip with him to the ICU at Memorial Herman for the nurses to see firsthand what pulmonary therapy has done to my recovery! No matter how long the road to recovery is, never give up!! Trust when I say that the wonderful therapists from The Breathing Center of Houston will make the impossible become possible!”
Lillian Martinez. The Woodlands, TX

“Before starting therapy at the Breathing Center of Houston, I was very dependent on oxygen. I hated having to tote a 02 tank around with my everywhere I went. My overall health was on a decline. The exercises, breathing techniques, and patient education at the Breathing Center of Houston helped me turn my life around. My endurance and stamina have increased significantly. Best of all, I am no longer on Oxygen! I feel normal again and I’m back to my daily routine and schedule. I hope I can create more awareness of the benefits of Pulmonary Therapy. I think everyone with lung problems needs to go see The Breathing Center of Houston, they will help you gain your life back!”
Maria Gomez. Houston, TX

copd treatment

“Before I started at the Breathing Center of Houston, I was always tired. My original goal for therapy was to be able to shop with my granddaughter for at least 30 minutes.   I have exceeded my goal by tenfold. My grandchildren are excited that I am back to my normal self and am able to spend more time with them. I would like everyone to know that Pulmonary Rehab and Therapy at the Breathing Center of Houston will help you manage your disease and you will no longer feel that your disease is managing you.”                  Linda Heggood. The Woodlands, TX


“When I could no longer walk upstairs without stopping halfway to catch my breath, I asked my doctor for breathing exercises to strengthen my lungs. He gave me the Breathing Center of Houston’s telephone number. The staff is always pleasant and is dedicated to helping me improve my lung endurance, strengthen my body, and improve my quality of life. Waisha, the administrator is the first friendly face to greet me and is very helpful with scheduling. Sarah and Annie are great trainers as is Kim, the supervisor.They tailor the exercises to my abilities, which have improved since I started there. While I am exercising, my heart rate and oxygen levels are frequently monitored to ensure both are at safe levels. On a recent trip to New Jersey, I was able to go fruit picking on a hilly farm without getting exhausted because of my increased lung capacity. I am grateful they have a location at the Woodlands which is convenient to my home.”                     Kay Chappel. The Woodlands, TX


“I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 3 years ago. At the time my Doctors gave me 2 years to live. I wasn’t ready to give up on life, so I decided my best option was to go through the Lung transplant process. My Doctor’s at St. Lukes Lung transplant wanted me to get stronger before my transplant, so they referred me to the Breathing Center of Houston. Not only did the Breathing Center help prepare me for my transplant, but they also helped me with the recovery after the operation. It has been 3 years since my transplant, I still go back and visit The Breathing Center to get help with my balance, strength, and breathing techniques. The personnel is great. My daughter and friends often compliment me on how much better I look these days. I tell everyone I meet who has a Lung problem to go see my friends at The Breathing Centers, they have helped me so  much.”
Jean Rethwisch. Houston, TX


copd treatment“Before starting therapy I was lacking strength and felt as though I was fading into the background. I had a balance issue, which while on oxygen made everyday activities extremely difficult. The lack of oxygen created a weakness that snuck up on me. I did not realize how weak I had become. At the Breathing Center I was able to do exercise longer and harder than ever before because the therapists monitored my oxygen levels and increased my oxygen flow based on my workout. After a few weeks of therapy I felt stronger. After a few months my balance was restored and I am no longer worried about falling. I can do more around my house and I have renewed energy for life. My advice for anyone with a lung condition is don’t wait until tomorrow to make a change in your life. The stronger you feel, the better life will be. You will increase your confidence and hope for the future.”

Patty Spahr. The Woodlands, TX

copd treatment“Before starting therapy at the Breathing Center, I needed help just walking. Now, I can walk without my walker. I have better balance and I feel stronger. I still have episodes of shortness of breath, but I do not get anxious or panic; I have learned how to overcome them and keep calm. I have also lost a significant amount of weight. I was 309 lbs when I started, in 30 days I lost over 45 lbs and I now weigh 259 lbs. Breathing correctly is hard, it isn’t easy. But after 66 years, I finally got it right. Thank you Breathing Center for getting me there.”

Johnny Hawkins. Houston, TX

                                                                                  copd treatment

“Before starting therapy at the Breathing Center of Houston I was short of breath and I couldn’t walk the length of my house without stopping. The first thing they taught me was how to breathe the right way. I appreciated how they taught me how to take my time and conserve my energy. My children believe this has been a positive thing my life. I now tell everyone about the Breathing Center.”

Joan Costo. Willis, TX



 “I have had numerous health issues in my life, but shortness of breath was the scariest. The therapy at the Breathing Center helped me overcome my fears. They taught me to control my breathing. Now when I am in a hurry or begin to feel stressed, I know how to stay in control and breathe properly. The Breathing Center facility had the 3 C’s – Clean, Courteous, and Caring.” Gaynelle Pierce. Conroe, TX



copd treatment“I use to be afraid to go anywhere and it was hard to do anything without getting short of breath. After therapy at the Breathing Center of Houston I am no longer afraid to leave the house. I still feel apprehensive to go certain places, but I am making progress every day. My family loves that I am able to get out and see them more. The staff at the Breathing Center is great. They are dependable and work hard for you. They are very nice to be around.”
Jerry Smith. Liberty, TX